...the transcendent element is the echo that we find most
repeatedly among the people we work with

...transcends collecting

The DNA that inspires Callia Art is that of the deep knowledge of the world of patronage.

...made up of a top-level experts

One of the keys to Callia Art’s operation is the fact that it is made up of a multidisciplinary team of top-level experts in art history, art market, patronage, innovation, and development.

...and the detail

In the end, what makes the different it’s the attention to detail. The ability and sensitivity to know that the little things are infinitely more important.

The times, the legal fringes, the verifications…but about all, the personal element.

...our alma mater

Fundación Callia is our alma mater and our inspiration, our connection with that part of art that is transcendent and generous.


Ibero-American Patronage Awards

New Goya RoomsRoyal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando

Physichromie nº 986 by Carlos Cruz-DíezMuseum of Fine Arts of Asturias

Jaume Plensa’s first exhibition in Latin AmericaNational Museum of Art of Mexico

VP 113 by Victor VasarelyMuseum of Contemporary Art of Ibiza

Exhibition of the great masters of European ArtSan Carlos National Museum

Six Prisons by Peter HalleyMuseum of Contemporary Art of Mallorca